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In just 45 Seconds a Day, You Can Super-power Your Life, Restore Glowing Good Health and Feel Decades Younger!


When you are traveling or need a quick morning booster… take a SHOT OF YOUTHJUICE!!


Feel incredible focus and raw energy that lasts all day long and Boost your brain power.


Provides your body with essential healthy nutrients and bridges the gap in your diet.


Balance hormones already within normal range and reduce yourself from frustrations and stress.


Flush out toxins and free radicals that are causing your body to hold onto unwanted weight


Glow from the inside out, healthier, younger looking skin, hair and nails.


Packed with natures most powerful organic superfruits, and is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals to help boost immunity.


Give your body what it wants! YouthJuice’s ingredients supports restful sleep and healthy adrenal function.* Sleep all night long and feel refreshed upon waking.*


About YouthJuice — The Most Powerful Functional Organic Juice On The Market

At YouthJuice the answer is simple – one complete, ultra-premium liquid formula that provides the nutrients it needs for peak performance. Your body needs superior nutritional ingredients that work quickly to support your body’s 63 trillion cells. Without a strong nutritional foundation, your cells may be come more susceptible. Now you can enjoy LOCAL, FRESH, ORGANIC BERRIES ALL YEAR ROUND for a fraction of the cost!!


Enjoy 1 oz of YouthJuice, twice per day, or mix it in a smoothie! YouthJuice taste just how it sounds, with 7 POUNDS OF ORGANIC BERRIES INSIDE EACH BOTTLE, all made with plant power and lots and lots of love!


Click any of our ingredient images to read peer-reviewed studies published on PubMed

Organic Raspberry

Organic Blueberry

Organic Blackberry

Organic Cranberry

Organic Elderberry

Organic Boysenberry

Organic Black Currant

Organic Rockweed

Organic Sea Lettuce



Meeker Red Raspberry

Ellagic Acid

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What Our Customers Are Saying





Katelyn Amos

My mom used to tell me, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I have found this to be true especially when it comes to my health. It’s a lot more fun enjoying a fresh, nutritious YouthJuice shot of organic berries than be worrying about paying doctors’ bills. Eating healthy keeps my mind clear, minimizes joint pain and increases my strength. An integral part of my healthy diet includes raw and juiced veggies daily. YouthJuice is the best health drink I have ever found in San Diego or anywhere else in the US!

Katelyn Amos - Smoothie Enthusiast
Dylan Bennest

This has been my morning go to for the last 4 months, just take an ounce in the morning and another in the afternoon! Taste delicious, and I feel my best everyday. Loving it!

Highly recommended for those who like to juice but don’t have the time.

Dylan Bennest - Personal Trainer
Kylie Trewavis

I was so excited to find out about YouthJuice that I wanted to share it with everyone. Their company and staff are very passionate about helping/healing others and educating on the right food choices. My younger brother and a couple of his friends have done the 3 day cleanse with YouthJuice and got really lean and energized from it… so my twin sister tried it 4 days ago (she finished the cleanse yesterday) and she looks amazing. She has always been rather lean, but after this cleanse her belly area was VERY lean. She also said that she feels so amazing and refreshed. I picked up the juice tonight, so that I can start my 3 day cleanse tomorrow!! I’ll be taking YJ forever.

Kylie Trewavis - Marketing Director

Such an AMAZING new product!!! It’s delicious and so refreshing. I love to drink YouthJuice after my workouts!! It provides a great refuel. I’ve told all of my friends about YouthJuice and they’ve all started drinking it as well. Overall great product!!!

Raivyn - Fitness mom
Casey K Carter

I have been searching for the most enjoyable juice fast for months, and this is it! I feel like I’ve tried every pressed juice out there and it is such a relief to taste YouthJuice. These juices are filling and the flavors are phenomenal – I’m hooked!

Casey K Carter - Hair Salon Owner
Andrea Holzinger

This juice is absolutely the best! My body actually functions normally & feels better. I will always be a Youth Juice customer!

Andrea Holzinger - World Traveller
Andrew Sakamoto

I have always played sports and been active, but I was uneducated on nutrition and supplements. Since I was introduced to YouthJuice, I now have tons of energy for my soccer games. The fact that I can take a quick shot of organic juice that covers all my daily recommended nutrients while I rush out the door is pricesless!

I would highly recommend trying YouthJuice for yourself, as I have been using it for several months now and couldn’t be more thrilled.

Andrew Sakamoto - Soccer Player
Kirsten Walls

As a busy mother of two I have a little time to exercise and prepare high protein, high fiber meals. Using the Fit Kit with Veden shakes by was a simple and delicious way of reaching my weight loss goals. I lost 27 lbs in only 3 months.

Kirsten Walls - Busy mother of two
Helen & Tom

TERRIFIC!! Not only is delicious and refreshing but also extremely healthy, natural and full of vitamis, which is what counts the most!!:) I am so happy they made this product! I am a runner and a yoga practitioner so I often need hydration, but I wasn’t really satisfied with coconut water or other hydrating juices I used to drink before I found out about YouthJuice! Also great for it’s antioxidant activity and great for the skin! 🙂 How amazing that all these good things can be in just one juice!! Thank you for making it!! <3

Helen & Tom - Happy Grandparents
Lee Mounsey

My favorite juices to being with. I don’t do the hardcore juice cleansing stuff. I splash YouthJuice in my own shakes and smoothies. but I use these basically whenever I’m lazy to make juices. I fulfilled a 10 day cleanse, with the assistance of these.

Great value. highly recommend it! But don’t buy this and anticipate instant weight lost, remember. You have to exercise, stay dedicate, and dont cheat your diet.

Lee Mounsey - Triathlete
Dana Riley

Absolutely the best tasting and nourishing juice in a bottle. I love this product!

Dana Riley - Vegan baker mom
Dianna Moore

This stuff is great for a recharge actually taste good ships fast i will be getting it again soon.

Dianna Moore - Beautiful New York City
Michelle Parkes

WOW!! Best Drink if your trying to drink and eat heathy.. A quick pick me up I’m satisfied.. And the price is right… Rated A plus

Michelle Parkes - Busy Mother
Sheila Oien

I must say, tried A LOT of other juices, and there is no doubt that YouthJuice tastes the freshest and packs the most quality…plus their 7 berry blend is incredibly delicious. Look no further people, this juice is KING.

Sheila Oien - Health Store Owner